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Pamphlet Modules #1

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This is a set of two pamphlet modules. Short adventures for Old-school games compatible with SKR and the best versions of the original RPG. Each printed on a singel A4 and folded twice into what looks like a museum pamphlet.
Set 1 includes the dungeons The Ommadonian Ossuary and The Prison-Crypt of Mu-Ye. Both written and designed by Christian Sahlén and are professionally printed on heavy paper.

The Ommadonian Ossuary
Deep into the dark depths is a cathedral built from bones of men and monsters by an ancient death cult. The cult is gone, but some of the treasures they gathered remain. Everyone who knows about its existence also knows that you should not stick around for long, something terrible awakens if you do. This dungeon is about going in, grabbing something, and getting out in time to live.

The Prison-Crypt of Mu-Ye
Far into the marsh there is a cliff with a large gate few dare to look upon. Legends say it is the entrance to the Crypt of Baron Mu-Ye, an ancient warrior, tyrant, and immortal vampire. Some legends call the crypt a prison, and some also say that the Baron was buried with all of his stolen treasures, but surely only desperate fools would dare to rob such ancient evil?

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